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  • Yes. And nobody could afford the prices there. (I mean the prices of the pokemon). PC is just a noobish(thats why i joined there first;)) site full of hackers:P. Here some people pay me 3 credits for a flawless gastly. There a timid flawless gastly is the same thing as lax 0/0/0/0/0/0 gastly. Lets just say that the site was no fun
    yep. that place is full of hackers and assholes XD
    and every good person left. Good thing is that Tori is back, but still Tyros, Greene, Kamui, LilacLust, Roshi and Valen left the site as well
    Hehehe! I plan on doing one ;)
    I wanted to do a 31/31/31/30/30/31 MS Bold one with HP Ground :3
    I broke my AR so I cant breed there untill I get a new one =/
    Did you see all my lovely RNG's? :D
    I even abused a nice
    31/31/31/31/31/31 Adamant Morning Sun Arcanine ^_^
    Heheh well I guess it be a "collective" thing (just like my togekiss')
    But just wanted to let you know that it doesnt have much competitive value since it doesnt gain any stab =/
    Hi there :)
    What do you need an Extrasensory Cyndi for? o_O
    I dont see Extrasensory doing any more damage to a Poke then a Fire STAB move wont...
    Flamethrower BP after STAB: 145
    Fire Blast BP after STAB: 170
    SE Extrasensory BP: 160
    Fire Blast will do more then Extrasensory to a Poke even if Extrasensory is Super Effective...
    Not to mention Overheat
    I'm sorry. I don't have time for BPs at the moment. If you want I can give you Cyndaquil and semi rights on it. It's not the best Cyndaquil around but I still like it. :)
    I have wanted to, but my computer is old school. I need to find a calculator that can be downloaded for Windows98 first...Or get a new computer. :P

    Matt is one of my main dudes around here, and has offered to teach me before. I just keep putting it off due to my having an old computer.
    I wish, but no. That's why my trade thread doesn't have any of it's own, original stuff on it. >_<
    really? his helped me tons. the guide is nice, but seeing it in real life helped it all fit in my brain P_o
    Hey, long time, no speak. I usually respond faster than this, but I got into playng Soul Silver.
    oh could we trade on saturday ckn?
    I dont have school on sunday (of course) so that would be a good time. because right now its late here
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